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Wedding Planner en Madrid

Wedding & Event Planner Spain


Wedding Planner in Madrid and whole Spain

Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

A bride usually takes more than one year to plan her wedding, spending at least 500 hours to organize all details. This time equates to 16 weeks of full-time job until her wedding day. A Wedding Planner will not only ensure that nothing unforeseen happens, but that the entire event runs smoothly. This does not simply include choosing the flowers of the bouquet, but rather millions of other tasks which can become cumbersome and overwhelming. In what evidently can be a very stressful time, a wedding planner will help the bride feel relaxed and comforted during each moment of planning. Although many couples wish to organize their weddings themselves, it is much more beneficial to seek the help of an expert.

La boda con Diana · EDISEE, established in 2009, is offering its services exclusively to couples who want exquisite service and a unique celebration. We conduct our business throughout Spain, working alongside our clients for each step of the wedding planning process. We ensure that bride and groom are involved in every decision so that their wedding needs and desires are met. We want their special day to be all that they had hoped for. We love natural spaces that go beyond the conventional banquet halls,

weddings held in beautiful outdoor landscapes, beachfront ceremonies and receptions in the breathtaking countryside. No matter the choice, we will transform the space into one that fits our clients’ personalities and style. Every coupe is unique, and we want to showcase this in our venues and decor. Creation, organization and great prices, so that our couples can have their dream wedding in Spain“Hi, I’m Diana, and my greatest wish is to be part of this exciting journey, from the start of your engagement to the moment you say “I do”. I promise to be at your side for all your wedding needs, and to take care of the details in which you don’t want to deal with. I will share with you my ideas, and I will connect you to the best and most passionate experts in the industry, so that your wedding day is the perfect day. My biggest reward will be your smile from the first day and your happiness forever.”

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Wedding planner in Madrid Destination Wedding Planner Spain
Wedding planner in Madrid Destination Wedding Planner Spain
Wedding planner in Madrid Destination Wedding Planner Spain